Thursday, May 17, 2012

If Dogs Could Smile

By: Smiley Face Now

If dogs could smile, I am sure mine would today.  A 10 month old Golden Retriever requires a lot of love and attention.  They can also create a lot of mischief if they get bored.  My dog likes to dig for rocks.  I swear she can smell them and thinks nothing of carving out a two foot deep hole in like no time flat.  Just turn away for second and next thing you know, you have a crater in the front yard.  Now I love my dog and I am willing to put up with a certain amount of grief to have her in our lives.  But the digging is getting to be a bit annoying.  So I was on the prowl for the perfect diversion.
One of the reason I love where I live is because we a small county co-op near us that is a cross between a hardware store, a feed store and Petco.  Well I often stop in just to see what’s new and to check out the latest in dog chew toys.  I finally figured out that if you want to stop having to crawl under the couch to retrieve the dog toys (who has who trained?), buy dog toys that don’t fit under the couch!  Eureka!

So on my usual troll through the co-op; I happened upon a larger dog toy called a Jolly Ball.  It is a large plastic/rubber (I don’t know what it’s made of) ball with a rope knotted on each end led through a channel in the middle of the ball.  Well this thing became my dog’s new best friend as soon as I threw it in the yard.  She was off like shot to check it out and has been carrying it around and shaking it ever since.  She is as happy as she can be without getting into trouble.  And I think she smiled at me as she ran by.

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