Tuesday, May 29, 2012

See Sea Glass

By: Smiley Face Now

If you don’t know what “sea glass” is, let me tell you.  It is small pieces of broken glass that washes up on the beach after having been tumbled in the ocean and affected by the seawater.  What you get is a rounded piece of frosted looking glass.  Now I am fortunate in many ways, but one of those ways is that I live near a small pebbly beach where small pieces of sea glass wash up.  When I say small, I mean the average size of the sea glass I have found there is on the order of a single pea – but usually flat.  So here is the story that made me smile.

I was at the beach mentioned above with my family this weekend.  It was hot and humid and overcast, not exactly a beach day, but I was determined to “go to the beach” sometime this weekend.  One of the nice things about this beach is that you can drive right up to it and park.  Step a few feet in front of your car and presto! You’re at the beach.  So we pack up a few chairs, a few towels, a few snacks and off we go.  Now I like collecting sea glass and have a small jar of it at home – my little daughter loves collecting sea glass and has commandeered my stash as her own.  She lays claim to all collected sea glass, no matter who actually found it.

The thing that made me laugh was this.  My little one and I are off looking for sea glass.  As we find a few unimpressive pieces, walking side by side, she starts the edge me towards the water.  She then starts stepping across my path, but just a little at first.  Then she starts to jump my claim and scarfs my sea glass finds right from under my fingers.  Now she is quicker and dartier than me and as she says, she is lower to the ground so she can see the bits of glass first.  By the end she is boxing me out with her butt and grabbing the sea glass quicker than I can find the next piece.  This is funny because she weighs all of 50 pounds and is a skinny little thing – but fierce.  To top it all off, as we head back to our little spot, she loudly proclaims to her mother that here is all the sea glass SHE found – dad just got in the way!

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